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Geko-C - control board

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The card can be completely configured according to the needs of the installer and the system.

The card provides the ability to set more than 250 parameters, including: the settings of the individual components, firefighter maneuvers, speech synthesis settings, regulatory settings, duplex systems and displays.

Parameters can be conveniently set via the Gekopad programming keypad or via the wi-fi module (from smartphone, tablet o pc). In addition, the set parameters can be saved on the SD CARD so as to be able to duplicate the setting on other Geko-C boards or even be modified remotely.

The board is also programmed for manoeuvres “Shabbat/automatic” e “Firefighters/Firefighters UK”.

The Geko supports all parallel and serial ports Fermator and Prisma.

The Geko meets the safety requirements of amendment A3, which all lift systems (cable and hydraulic) must be equipped with.  The Geko allows the control of the double valve in the case of hydraulic lifts and of the double brake in the case of cable lifts. The control of the double valve can be carried out in two different ways according to the preference of the end user.

For system controls and safety, the software has a total of 25 alarms ( blocking faults il cui intervento which causes the system to go out of service and remain blocked) and 23 warning (operating failures, which leave the plant in service with possibly a disservice).

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