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The lift sector  it was the first in which we specialized. Thanks to our long design experience alongside the main Italian lift manufacturers, we have understood their need to have complete products available, that we have developed with the attention to quality and detail that mark us, creating universal products that already include all the different necessary functions within them.


Lift control board
Geko-C is the control card. Its dimensions are 176.00 mm x 83.00 mm, it is powered by 24V DC current and is protected against short circuits and against polarity inversion.
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Floor peripheral board for lifts
Geko-M is a peripheral card normally used on the floor. The Geko-M board can be assigned the address of the corresponding floor up to a maximum number of 40 floors.
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Car peripheral board for lifts
Geko-S is a peripheral card normally used in the cabin.
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Automatic emergency device for lifts
Emertech is a universal emercgency device capable of autonomously powering the switching transformer of a lifting system and to do the emergency cycle.
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Iacchetti Srl is an electrical engineering services design and production company that individually accompanies its clients in devising innovative solutions to enhance the operation of its products in response to specific required needs.

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