Automatic emergency device for lifts

Emertech is a universal emergency device capable of autonomously powering the switching transformer of a lifting system and performing the emergency cycle.

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It is a handy and compact device, which can be installed on any lift control panel and able to operate with any type of door motor. Emertech is used in more than 15,000 lifting systems, in Italy and abroad, confirming its high level of reliability. The module is equipped with an internal battery, kept in charge when mains voltage is present. The interruption of charging on its internal batteries allows the device to automatically detect the mains failure and start the emergency cycle, allowing the return of the car to the floor and the opening of the doors in the event of a mains failure. The automatic cycle starts 3 seconds after the mains failure and has a maximum duration of 120 seconds. The module automatically detects the operating voltage and appropriately adjusts the battery charge voltage, i.e. it can be used alternatively with:

- 12V battery and transformer with 9VAC output;
- 24V battery and transformer with 18VAC output.

The status of the appliance and of the batteries can be intuitively checked thanks to the presence of special colored LEDs. The device comes in a compact box, ready for installation. Emertech is equipped with some protection sensors capable of determining the temporary decommissioning of the module, such as checking the state of charge of the battery or in the event of overload or short circuit on the outputs. The device is equipped with two potential-free contacts that can be used to make a call or to activate an emergency sequence (if envisaged in the control panel). A LOW BATTERY terminal can also be used to indicate to the control panel when the battery voltage is too low to prevent the execution of the emergency cycle.


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